Harrison Ave. Viaduct

This postcard photo has several notable areas for those who enjoy the history of the Scranton, PA. area. The small bridge across Roaring Brook in the foreground was/is the Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley (L&WV) (Laurel Line) (electric) approach to the Crown avenue tunnel which can be seen on the right past the bridge.  This portion of the L&WV is now restored for tourist excursions through the tunnel.Laurel Line tunnel reopens

Notice the left arch of the Harrison Avenue bridge, it is blackened with soot from the smokestacks of the DL&W mainline.

On the far right of the photo, above the tunnel portal, is a grade which passes through the right arch. The grade belonged to the L&WV and was called the over the hill route which skirted the South Scranton hills prior to the tunnel construction. This grade is now the Scranton Expressway from interstate 81 to the center of Scranton.

The tunnel embankment to the right of the photo was a Mecca for "Dog Holes", small diggings and tunnels for coal.  I am told that many traces of the "Dog Holes" are still in evidence today though they are all boarded up.

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